Since my return to the United States, I have repeatedly been asked, “How was South Africa?” or simply, “How was Africa?”  Here is my first point of contention.  South Africa and Africa are entirely distinct.  My pre-established thoughts of AFRICA with native tribes and little boys in loin cloths did not apply to SOUTH Africa.  Although some do call Johannesburg a jungle, it is not for its wild animals and vegetation.  It is for the busy traffic and the competitive style of life–mostly refugees struggling to survive in overpopulated areas, basic necessities hard to come by.  So here is how South Africa was for me.  It was sad.  I received a very jilted sight of South Africa–something unlike any tourist will probably ever see.  For this I am grateful; I have no regrets.  Will I return?  I’m not sure.  I don’t feel particularly insightful at the moment.