So today is my first full day back in the states and I just don’t feel the same here as I used to.  Yes, at first it was really nice and comforting to go through the US Citizens line and be back in Phoenix (even with the 110 degree weather that we arrived to) but now the odd feeling has set in.  I look at things that I used to pass by daily and they look a ton different.  The poor people on Mill seem like they have it better than they used to, the grocery store that I go to and can stock up on whatever I want seems to be FILLED with way too much food and even my instant Internet access now seems a little compulsive.

This trip really opened my eyes to how the “other” part of the world lives and how much I used to take things for granted.  The people in SA taught me also another life lesson, happiness is what you make of it.  Living in a camp with almost no food, using a metal port-a-john as your toilet, living in tents and showering in garbage bags; still somehow has made these people happy.  THey do not like their situations but they have found a way to make the best of it.

There are a million and a half lessons that I will take with me from this trip but the largest is to be grateful for everything that I have because like these people, it could be gone in just one night.