Not on Wednesday night.  A couple of us (Tiffany, Keridwen, Emily and me) had the opportunity to witness a church service at Diepsloot Community Church in Extension 2 of the infamous township.  In a word, it was “incredible”.  It was the purest juxtaposition of hope and despair.  In the very township where, two days earlier, residents burned a man alive, 30 men and women, lead by Pastor Eddie, communed with God.

Religious, spiritual, sentimental or not, one couldn’t help but be captivated by a group of people who, despite having virtually nothing, still have faith and something to believe in.  The music alone proved that hope can exist in a place where it could/should have died.  It proved that the hate that fills many of the townships in S. Africa has a more powerful opponent.  For those at Diepsloot Community Church, faith may be the only thing they have left – but on Wednesday night, it felt like it was the only thing they needed.

(sights and sounds from the service to follow)