Stories in Diepsloot are slowly coming together. Have to get a ton done tomorrow, somehow. We’ve got an early, early morning planned and will be there nearly all day. Wednesday morning a small group of us are leaving for the Mozambique border. I might have to drive if we can’t find anyone else. Pray that doesn’t happen. lol Here on out will be a lot of travel. Actually looking forward to the 20 hours on the plane with nothing but darkness and a TV. God we are so Americanized.

Absolutely exhausted. It’s nearly 11 and we’re doing research for our trip. Must shower. And sleep. And a bit hungry. Other than that, all is well. So glad to have the others back. It’s brought a new sense of energy and unity to our group. Love working with Keridwen and Josh. And yeah….zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz