Our first day of story-searching began in chaos, frustration, and a lot of back and forth between people to figure out where we were going and who would take us there. We didn’t end up going anywhere until 5pm. Jen had heard of some traveling health center on a train she wanted to check out and since we were losing light, we all agreed to go. The two Nebraska girls in my group ditched us, so it was just Tiffany and I in our group, along with Jen and Carol, our coordinator.

The place Jen wanted to check out was close but since we were stranded there for an hour we decided to walk around. Across the street a group of people were playing soccer. We walked up there and found our story.

Roland is a refugee from Zimbabwe. He seemed tentative to talk to us; willing, but afraid. Jen sat down to talk with him while Tiffany and I took pictures of the soccer players and three boys sitting on the sidelines. I wish I could show you the photos, but again, having technology issues. That seems to be everyone’s biggest complaint here; no reliable internet service. The computer lab where I am writing this is far from the dorms and we don’t always have access to it.

At the end of the interview (I didn’t get to hear much of it because I was taking photos), we said goodbye. Tiffany and I lingered a little on the farewell, told him he should come with us to America, and then he surprised us. He offered his phone number and to show us around so we could see for ourselves some of the things he was talking about. I think we’ll persue it this weekend so we can have more images to go with the audio interview.

This photo is of the two brothers watching the game. Photogenic, but not very reliable sources for anything.

Today Tiffany and I are following Francis, a source we met at the debate the other night. He’s taking us to Midrand and Diepsloot displacement camps. The other two members of our group from Nebraska have kind of ditched us. One girl, an in-coming freshmen, is going home tonight because she is homesick.

Our response: Whatever.

Tiffany and I are more than happy to be working together, just the two of us. We’ll have a security guard and Carol with us to watch our backs and the two of us can just do our thing without worrying about anyone else. We have enough difficulties to deal with. It seems like everytime we think we’ve got something sorted out, someone throws a wrench in our side. Maybe by the time we leave everything will be orgnized? lol


Mom: I had breakfast at a little cafe place this morning that serves white hot chocolate – it tastes like creamy tapioca pudding with marshmellow fluff on top. You’d love it!