We landed safely in Jo’burg early Sunday morning; literally time-traveled ahead of you and skipped much of Saturday – Happy birthday to James! Due to the delay departing from Phoenix, the lay-over in London did not provide us enough time to leave the airport to explore London, but we’re hoping we’ll make it on the return.

We’re staying at Witswatersrand (pronounced Vitsvatersrand) in Jo’burg. We’ve met the other ten students from the University of Nebraska earlier this morning and met the students from Jo’burg tonight at dinner. Not much do’ins today. Everyone is a bit jet-lagged, naturally, confused as all get out about what time zone we’re in. It’s almost midnight here and tomorrow we’ll be heading out the door at 9am to begin the day’s adventures at sites the Jo’burg crew has arranged for us to see.

The weather here is very nice. Imagine Flagstaff without the wind. Not humid, but not too dry either. The dorm rooms are small, one person to a room (you couldn’t fit another bed in there if you tried). All the buildings here are old and have a back east, prep school feel to them. I’d post a photo but I’m using a computer in the lab, which brings me to the other news you’re probably wondering.

We do not have internet access in our rooms. There is a computer lab here but only two computers seem to be working and not everyone has gotten their hands on the user name and password to use them, so our internet access is very limited right now. We’re told that tomorrow the journalism lab will be open for us so we can access internet from there and (hopefully) start showing you some of our amazing photos!

Can’t think of any other general news…Just wanted to let you all know that we’re here safe and having a good time!